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Writing Project 4

          It is a brisk fall day, and you motivate yourself to go for a jog along the preserve. While you are jogging, your heavy running shoes rip and begin to degrade. Disappointed, you trudge back home. At your house, you browse multiple shoe websites, but none are indicative of the shoe you want. Finally, you stumble upon This site specifically sells “The lightest shoe on the planet”. This is not the site's only attribute though. The three strategies that work towards selling the product in the advertisement are the shoes’ sustainability, the advertisement theme, and the hyperlinks provided. 

          First, one of the key aspects of the site is the presentation of sustainability. When the site first opens, a notification appears, stating: “ Introducing M0.0NSHOT, the world’s first net zero carbon shoe. Arriving Spring 2024”. If this link is clicked, the user will be redirected to a page explaining in detail how the M0.0NSHOT shoe reached net zero carbon. It will also advertise that all their current shoes are sustainable for the environment, not just the future M0.0NSHOT shoe. It then redirects the user to their “Sustainability Plan'' page. Here, the company lists its ingredients for the shoe and where they are resourced from. For example, the wool used in the shoe came from ZQ Wonder, which the site exemplifies is the “world's most renewable wool” and that it “causes no harm” to the sheep involved. Below this, the site declares that it uses plastic bottles and other reusable waste in creating the shoe as well. These environmental attributes appeal to the user’s Pathos, as they try to make the user feel emotionally obligated to buy these if one values the environment. Pathos is a quality that tries to sell the reader on emotion. This argument is also, in part, Logos (logically defending a point), as it incorporates logical reasoning. The environmental appeal is one of the strongest strategies, as for a majority of shoppers, the environment matters. By purchasing from this site, the shopper contributes to the environmental cause. 

          Another strategy that works towards selling the product is the overall theme of the advertisement. This overall theme includes soothing neutral colors, with vibrant splashes of blue and orange. It exudes simplicity with style. A direct, concise layout leading to the sale is echoed throughout the page. These attributes contribute to the site’s' attractiveness by providing the user with Ethos, or persuasion by credibility. Ethos is prevalent here as the professional colors and layout aid in convincing the audience that this site is indeed credible. Because of this applied Ethos, the customer may be more eager to purchase a product, as the site seems comparable with other high ranking shoe brands, like Adidas.

          An additional strategy is the usage of hyperlinks.  Hyperlinks, coupled with photos, help direct the audience to their desired location. When the site opens, the user is provided the opportunity of selecting one of the three hyperlinks that relate to the shoe type (Tree Runner, Tree Breezer Point, Tree Lounger, respectively). Other examples include the rerun hyperlink (which leads to a page providing the ability to purchase slightly irregular goods at a greatly reduced cost) and the men’s and women’s links( which show the user more specialized products). These links make the process of selling more efficient, as it leads the audience to their desired shoe. Because of this aspect, the store makes more sales. 

          According to EBINOPOLY, Allbirds is the world's twelfth most successful Shopify store, which utilizes sustainability, theme, and hyperlinks. These strategies, while some are better than others, are successful as a whole. They attract customers from forty-two countries in the world. Even though the shoe itself may be appealing, the advertisement is one of the only ways people would know about this shoe, let alone purchase it. This site has a networth of over one hundred ninety million dollars, according to MacroTrends. This is without any in-person stores, further defending that the only revenue for this company came from the advertisement, showing that the strategies are successful in achieving the overall goal. While all three selling points contribute, one is much stronger. The overreaching motif of the advertisement is sustainability. This is something that the advertisement prides itself on, and shines as one of the main contributing factors to a purchase, making the position of sustainability the most successful strategy. 

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