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Writing Project 3

           It is 4 pm on a cold, dark February in an eager Philadelphia. The whipping wind chases you down into the subway wells. Today is Superbowl Sunday, and the Philadelphia football team has the honor of playing. As a result of this, the subway that you just ran to is brimming with hungry fans. Trying to return back to your suburban house to watch the game on your television, you cram yourself into a crowded subway station. As you wait for your train, you realize with dismay your phone has died. For entertainment, you scan the subway for interesting posters. After reading many mundane posters, one specifically grabs your attention:

Screenshot 2023-07-03 at 9.05.07 PM.png

This Chipotle ad invokes its audience with appealing visuals, contexts, and sentences. 

           Initially, the component that invokes the audience, and furthers them to read the sign, is the photo of football laces edited onto a burrito, which instantly portrays a football burrito.  This merged design is unique, as “football burritos” are unknown to most readers. Because a considerable number of people in the Greater Philadelphia area are currently engrossed in the upcoming football game, the idea of football resonates through the ad, further invoking the audience. The depiction of the burrito box with the alluring sauces and chips may be the perfect opportunity for a hungary fan, who can now envision the idea of feeding themselves and their guests. 

           Additionally, kairos is demonstrated through the sign.  Many people going home during this time (after work for most) to see the game may not have prepared food. In this light they have not been able to reach their house yet, let alone cook. The sign’s kairos provides options for commuters to eat without cooking. The general location of the sign is quite humdrum, which makes the sign stand out. Over “17 percent notice a sign exists”, according to Kushaan Shan from Mind Meld. Subways are specifically located in highly populated areas, including the location with the poster, meaning heavy traffic will be able to see the sign. According to statistics from the New York Metropolitan Services, over 12,000 people per day ride a single subway on average. This means 2,040 people would see this poster every day. 

           Another important contributor to the posters appeal is the content of the words themselves. First, it is directly attracting its audience by showing what the main goal is: “Half priced party in a box”. This does not include a lot of unnecessary word usage and draws the audiences to the discount itself. Also, the poster reads, “ The Super big internationally professional televised football bowl game”. This brings the comedic effect in its comically-weak definition of the Super Bowl which appeals to Pathos.

           This particular rhetorical situation invoked the audience by utilizing visual, contextual and concise, captivating sentences. Because of the ingenious tactics, this poster attracts a wide invoked audience; although the audience is not universal. This sign’s invoked audience only includes people with access to a Chipotle near them, people in this subway, those who can eat burritos, and people that can afford them. Although the sign is located in the city, there may not necessarily be a Chipotle near the specific audience's individual home. In addition, the sign only pertains to those that can see it; those not in the subway would be excluded. Those also excluded would include people with dietary restriction to burritos such as  people that are gluten free, on slow sodium diets, or have food allergies. Finally, those who can not afford the pricey food would most likely not act on the ad’s proposal. Specifically, the ad tries to invoke an audience that likes football, hence the main topic of the ad was the convenience of delicious food for a Super Bowl party. This means the invoked audience are people who enjoy a Super Bowl party that are readily available to act upon the ad’s wishes of ordering food. The ad specifically tries to entice people that would be interested in Mexican food, specifically the burrito. Now as you leave the train, you may be more interested in buying a burrito box, fulfilling the sign’s mission. 

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