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Writing Journal #5

Writing is a fascinating process. Fundamentally, the writing process begins with invention, planning, drafting, revising, and editing. For me, though, some writing points never followed a strict routine, as I do now. In the beginning, I would only free-write with my drafting. Then, when I started to develop myself as an author, I would first begin by free wringing. This is where I allow my pencil to carry my thoughts without a scripted outline. Then I would edit such work. As I developed today, I now outline and free write for the planning stage, which for me includes the invention stage.I have also completed revisions in addition to editing. Also, I am becoming more creative and theoretical, than stuck to a rigid regime. As I am creating literature, I make sure to show full ideas, without struggling under the lid of confinement. In this course, I've learned to only write when I have a passion, and not just to regurgitate. If I'm bored, I will stop such tasks, and come back once my creative match is relit. Last, I've been about to learn how to increase the quality of my work, such as adding concessions and hooks. As I Ponder the future of my writing, I wish to add statements on my ability to be more creative and "different" than other writers: expressing my own creative self. Rethinking and adding information to my writing process helps me as it strengthens my writing and intrigues my audience. Daily writing can include text and email, which stays true to this.

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