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Writer's Journal #9

I woke up to a notification from Canvas. Excitedly, I opened it to reveal that my submission for paper number one had revisions attached. "[I was] off to a great start with this project." I powerfully reflected on how my personal narrative in the essay led to my primary insight. On the other hand, I need to strengthen areas where I have lost the main point of my discussion. I need to remove the areas that are unnecessary to create an essay with a clear start and finish. Sadly though, I was not told where these mistakes are. My goal will be to identify where the weak points are. I will read my essay with a fresh pair of eyes and also scan for new errors. To find where I have wandered, I will ask if each segment fits the assignment's mold. This, to me, is the most important, and I will do it first. After this, I will invest my time in smaller, less-holistic avenues. Some examples are word improvement, complex grammar, and structural flow. Because I am invested in this course, I will use as much time as possible to increase the holistic potential of my essay. However, I will try not to use over 4 hours. This essay as a whole will strongly improve as I have identified my room for improvement, created a plan, and set a time frame.

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