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Writer's Journal #8

In general terms, primary insight in a piece of writing is a conclusion to an argument or a recommendation for a course of action. The primary insight is something that the reader comes to. As a writer, you are trying to lead the reader to an insight wherein they realize something or want to take some course of action. In a sense, all writing is directed at one of these outcomes. We write to change minds or to inspire action. To find my own primary insight is challenging, as the paper is not completed. The main point of my upcoming paper will be how my writing has changed, or more specifically, how it has improved. The paper that I am writing about was on a description of the chi latte drink. The main goal, or the primary insight, was that chi lattes are a drink that arouses all sentences. This can be seen in my outline

Hook: Compare the positive values of my former essay, with the possibilities of the future.

Main body of intro: Compare how I have evolved from trial and error, then transition into how it has improved(thesis). An idea is: “ After xyz, I have learned to improve. Some of these improvements are a, b, and c.”

Thesis: I have improved with word choice, flow, and structure

Body: Use 3 quotes per idea, one idea per paragraph. Defend each quote, and transition with related quotes.

Conclusion: Start with restating the thesis and summarizing the body, and end with a hook.

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