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Writer's Journal #6

Writing is known as a relaxing endeavor. When writing becomes anxious, it becomes a task. This class is about self-discovery and enjoyment, not tasks. If I am facing anxiety, I will reconsider my project and revisit it later. I will meditate or do a sort of mindfulness and attempt to complete the processes. I have found anxiety in writing when I am running against time. To combat this, I work ahead.

Formally, writing is a path of discovery. To write to one’s fullest potential, one must create their own style and methods. Ernest Hemingway, for example, broke the structured ideals by using the “objective prose” in fiction. Objective prose had, up until then, been primarily used in journalism. An example is the paragraph, “She’s just having a bad time. The initial labor is usually protracted. She’s only having a bad time. Afterward we’d say what a bad time and Catherine would say it wasn’t really so bad. But what if she should die? She can’t die. Yes, but what if she should die? She can’t, I tell you. Don’t be a fool. It’s just a bad time.”, Ernest Hemingway wrote in his 1929 book, A Farewell to Arms. On the contrary, Hemmingway used proven techniques in addition to those that were not.

I aspire to become a writing paragon like Ernest Hemingway. To do such, I must be open to techniques that are presented to me. I will apply expansive amounts of time and effect to learn such. To achieve my fullest potential, I must learn, as the popular idiom reflects, knowledge is power. There are a few circumstances where I may not follow this plan directly. This could be when the techniques are preventing me from my fullest potential. However, I will always try my hardest to perform with this plan.

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