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Writer's Journal #3

I approached the Writer's Journals assignments so far with excitement and writing integrity. Whenever I see the assigned writing journal, I make a point to evaluate the questions. I also reflect on past questions as I can learn from past experiences. The journal assignments have shaped my responses as it benefits the strength of my answer. This can help me in the future, creating a constructive cycle. Assignments can also help shape my thinking in other ways in my life. Through these assignments, I learn and test my knowledge surrounding the idea of writing. As my knowledge improves and strengthens, my way of thinking can also be improved as the strategies learned in writing will start to bleed into other aspects of my life, like thought. This improvement in thought patterns can be shown in everyday, social, and professional communication.

Writing can structure our thinking. When we learn to write, we learn special techniques. An example of this is learning how to reflect on past writing pieces. We do this to see how to improve from our past pieces and our past ideas. If we transfuse these techniques into our thinking, we can learn to reflect on our thoughts. This can help us change our past ways. For example, reflecting can allow one to realize not to repeat a mistake. Because writing is a crucial part of our day-to-day lives, we will copy this and add this to our everyday thinking. This idea of how our writing influences our thinking does not concern me in any way; Actually, I feel there is an upside to this. If one writes well, this can transcribe into thinking and speaking well. Being educated on writing is not an impossible task. If one is willing to put in the effort, one can successfully become an improved thinker.

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