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Writer's Journal #2

The literary narrative assignment is shockingly intriguing. The literacy narrative assignment is a first-person narrative that describes one significant encounter with written communication. It must also explain the significance of the encounter in terms of my identity as a writer. My first impressions are joy, as I am enthralled by the opportunity to compose a story about myself. I am concerned about the word requirement, as I may need more room to encompass all of my thoughts. I am excited to show how communication literacies currently affect my writing. Something that stands out to me is the need to include one multimodal element. I actively use communication literacies almost every day. Some of the communication literacies devices that are the most important in my life are email, text, and news.

My most important device is email. Everyday, people use email for communication. Email was created with this in mind, as the communicator has the ability to communicate with any other person or organization that has an email. They can send photos, documents, and text, to name a few. Because of these reasons, emails are universally used for almost every kind of transcomputer literary transaction. For example, emails can be used for communicating between peers, job interviews, and customer complaints. These emails will all have a different literary tone, which may not be accessible through other types of literary communications, like Snapchat. For me, I use email for my education, communicating with peers, staying in contact with groups, and managing personal electronic things. For example, I use my email to track who visits and who messages me on my Wix site ePortofoilo for this course. This very small aspect of email is crucial to my success in this course. I learned about this communication technique when I needed an email for a previous class.

Another necessary device is text. Text is a quick communication from one person to another, especially peers. Albeit, text is limited compared to email, it was designed for effectiveness. With text, one could send a message more quickly than with email. All that is needed is for one to open an app located in the user's Hotbar, type a few sentences, or more if necessary, and then send it. For example, I use text when conversating with peers in a timely manner. I could send a peer a question or directions, and I can get a response in less than a minute. This is vital to necessary communication with peers promptly. Because this pressing need is met, my college and personal life are greatly improved. I obtained and learned about this method of communication through my phone, as texting comes from a pre-downloaded app that works through one's contacts and previous phone calls.

Lastly, I access sports news for enjoyment. While playing sports can be exciting, watching experts play can have its own satisfaction. This can be because rooting for a team can release dopamine when they achieve greatness. Sadly though, with most sports, it is challenging to watch all of the encompassing games. This is because most games travel on for hours on end. This is challenging to watch for a person with a tight schedule. To combat this, there are sports news blogs that summarize the accounts for that day. For example, the website "Bleacher Report" can inform of the scores, news, and statistics on a player. This effectively updates me about what transpired that day in sports. I started using such incredible sites when I noticed that I did not have adequate time to watch a particular game. I searched online for the score and discovered the astounding news posts. I use communication literacies like these every day.

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