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Writer's Journal #19

When preparing for essay number 5, I reviewed the rubric to confirm my understanding of this assignment. The first website that I believed was able to meet this criteria was Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, in Kanab, Utah. The second one I identified was ASU Universal Learner’s website. The last website I decided to analyze was Nike. For the Best Friends website, 3 strategies that stand out are the emotional appeal of the photos, the emotional appeal of the message, and the credibility of the creators. When viewing the ASU Universal Learner home webpage, I was met with logically structured sentences defending why taking a course on ASU is important, the debate surrounding low cost, and the credibility of ASU’s background. Nike’s website, on the other hand, carries the tone of respect, as Nike is known over a large generation to be a top shoe. I also identified other selling strategies surrounding the visual appeal to the apparel, and the logos appeal to the cost. The Best Friends website's main goal is to save animals, while the ASU’s website's main intention is to educate students and sell classes, and Nike’s intent is to sell clothing and shoes. I finally made a judgment that the Best friends website would be the best to lend itself to the Rhetorical Analysis assignment.

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