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Writer's Journal #16

When I first opened up the ASU Universal Learners Course Catalog, my eyes automatically stared into this alluring course. It stated in its description “In this course, you are going to learn a great deal about writing, rhetoric and design. You will develop skills to improve any piece of writing that you may compose in or outside of school. You'll think about the rhetorical dimensions of written communication, digital design and even physical spaces. Perhaps, most importantly, you will learn much about yourself as a writer and a thinker.”. First, and still an important component to my purpose of taking this course, the course credit was the reason for this course. But then I realized that the course educated me to a “great deal of writing”, which fulfills my goal of becoming a better writer, and I will learn “rhetorical dimensions”, which will give me more tools.

Becoming a better writer will improve my personal, professional, and academic contexts. In general, being able to convey ideas in a more concise fashion is important in any field. Precisely, I can convey ideas better with companions, while in the academic and job fields, I can convey formal ideas more effectively. My main point is to holistically become a better writer.

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