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Writer's Journal #14

Almost every day, I use Twitter. I communicate regularly with a broad range of audiences. Before, I used to imagine that everybody in the entire world could see my posts. I then realized that only people with access to Twitter would see them. This eliminates 7.831 billion people from seeing my posts. This can cause, albeit slightly, what I alter my posts to. For example, I only had to address ideas in areas with an internet connection, so my writing did not have to focus on people in extremely impoverished areas. I also realized that I did not have to base my argument on extremely young or old people, as they also do not use Twitter. More importantly, though, I identified that my audience would be people geared toward my content: sports. This is because I mainly write about sports. This caused me to round out my other topics and focus more on sports news. To expand the invoked audience, I would talk about all sports, as I only report on baseball. This is because most baseball fans are also sports fans.

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