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Writer's Journal #13

To first answer this, we must know what audience addressed means versus audience invoked. According to JSTR, "The "addressed" audience refers to those actual or real-life people who read a discourse, while the "invoked" audience refers to the audience called up or imagined by the writer." This summarises that the invoked audience is the misunderstood version of the real or addressed advice. One time I distributed flyers to locate turtles' populations. While I did so, I suggested that everybody in the area would see them. And while this is possible, it is not likely. One reason is not everybody could get to my fliers logistically, and another is the fact that not everybody would even read or acknowledge the importance of the flyers. To improve, I would have given the flyers to specific nature-caring people and areas where my audience, those who cared for turtles, would be.

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