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Writer's Journal #12

I confidently finished my free-writing activity of paper 2. As I fixed minor errors and spelling, such as changing the word “ accsesable” to “accessible”, I realized that I could still improve this paper. That moment of understanding opened my eyes to the main ideas of my revisions.

First, I identified that I could strengthen my argument about the effectiveness of texting, which was my mode of communication. Previously I included statements in misplaced positions. For example, I first had a statement about handicapped people intermingling in the conversation about faster communication. As the ideas did not relate, I moved this bit to a more cohesive section. I caught many errors where I could improve the idea of my text by providing a more concrete example. In my argument about how texting is more effective than other modes of communication, I added in the revision state the details about texting my mother for a ride. While doing this, I moved an irrelevant example to a more relevant paragraph. The last thing that needed to be changed in my context analysis draft was to reword the thesis statement. I used a pessimistic statement for my last point, so I used a contraction ( with the word conversely). Those were my general suggestions, which I then implemented.

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