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Writer's Journal #10

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

It’s seven pm as the sun rolls down over a temperate Boston. People flood one of Boston’s most attractive locations, Fenway Park. This baseball stadium is one of the most well-known for its characteristics, like the Green Monster. Today, a playoff baseball game is held there. As the gates open, the distinct smell of roasted sausage stands fill the street. Workers calmly direct the once-erratic crowd through small metal detectors. Surrounding those are baseball-themed restaurants and stores emitting the aroma of a sports game. After walking through the chilled metal detectors a refreshing blast of crisp air wisps upon the excited fans. Inside the entrance area, the sound of popping popcorn and the aroma of salted butter entrance onlookers. Before you can feel any of the crisply warm popcorn, though, a loud voice booms, “Take your seat for the National Anthem .”A short, scrawny man, no more than 16 years old, walked up to the stage. He began to vocalize the powerful song, projecting it into the crowd. Then the game started. The stadium erupted with sound, touch, and sight. Every part of the stadium was cheering, eating, or jumping. The sound roars into fruition, awaking the ballpark into a sea of movent, showing exemplary plays in the field and in the stands. The smell of hot dogs, fries, and ice cream populates the air. After the game, the satisfied crowd wain down and exit in a mass rush. The once-quiet night streets are filled with bustling people turning on bright, flashing lights. Finally, the ballpark closes. The sound of a pin drop is audible, and the lights turn off. The day at the ballpark ends. The elements of the place and space are distinctly exciting and joyful. This defines the ideal user as somebody doing an enjoyable task. This is shown as baseball is considered the “nations favorite pastime.”

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