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Writer's Journal #1

The act of writing is to communicate thoughts to a group of individuals in an enticing manner. This may seem similar to speech, yet writing records such literature to be viewed forever. Writing is also the art of creating such sentences that congregate to become a powerful message. A strong example of this is a meaningful quote, like "The pen is mightier than the sword," by Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839. This quote uses a metonym as the word sword refers to violence, while the pen refers to a softer action of persuasion. A metonym is when "the name of one object or concept is used for that of another to which it is related," according to To me, writing is not just communicating an idea but doing so with a technique designed to make such communication more enticing or convincing for the reader.

I "learned" my perspective on this throughout different writing classes and through experience. Most people believe that the art of writing is just to convey an idea. While this is partially true, from my experience in past writing assignments, I learned that the art of writing is a way to engage a reader in a more appealing piece. I also read books about "how to write." This is not as simple as just penmanship, as these books taught me special techniques, like rhetoric, to help me convey my feelings to the readers.

An example is the book, "Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic Guide to Writing ", which immensely helped me understand this essential aspect of writing. This book presented many different literary techniques and famous philosophers in a graphic novel form. I was also taught what writing is from this course.

The introduction video states, "instead of a simple, linear process, writing is actually recursive." Recursive means a process that is repeated. In my opinion, this means that the process has steps that can be used incongruently.The video than continues with, "The steps as I have described them seem linear, starting with invention and finishing with editing," Surprisingly this statement contradicts the first one but carries the stigma of needing parts to break down the writing process. The parts seem to include drafting and editing. This compares correctly with my philosophy that writing is the art of communicating thoughts to a group of individuals in a positively constructed way, as the processes defined here helps the writer communicate constructively. At the end, the video states that writing is "learning how to move around those steps productively will help us make the writing process work for us." This again reflects my philosophy, as many literary tendencies stem front the movement and rearrangement of necessary writing steps.

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