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Writer's Jornal #18

Just in the mere month of June, I facetimed acquaintances 47 times. Out of these, my mother was called 28 times. The primary usage of these calls, with my mother for visual display and locational communication. Because my mother works 2 shifts a day, I can now feel closer to her by seeing her, while we discuss our day. Also, it is important knowing where each other are, as we live near a dangerous storm area. It is not just the context, as I use facetime in many situations. My mother believes the actual purpose is keeping our family close, which echoes what I believe .Rhetorical strategies help me clearly understand what people are communicating. The Kronos of a situation, for example, will allow me to understand why someone is contacting me. If there is, for example, a storm, my mother would be most likely trying to contact me for my safety.

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