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Sand Dunes

Author's Note

Hello, my name is Timothy Van Ryn. I am entering 12th grade, full time dual enrolled, and exhausted all required English high school classes. I completed 30 college credits. I engage in critical thinking puzzles and use critical thinking daily in other subjects. I will be majoring in aerospace engineering. I am an avid reader that is always interested in literary techniques, like rhetoric. My academic and writerly identity stems from my passion for learning and achieving stellar grades that reflect my progress. I thoroughly enjoy descriptive writing, but excel in research writing, scientific writing, and grant proposals. Some of my academic achievements include: earning a 4.0 GPA, scoring a 790 on the math SAT, working with a team that published a research paper, producing an additional publishable research paper, and becoming a member of the prestigious MENSA and the Study for Exceptional Talent at John Hopkins (SET) groups. I am exuberant to learn more about writing, reading, and critical thinking, as I will achieve this in this course. My learning objective is to gather all the information I can, and achieve high marks on all assignments.  My future goals as a writer are to improve the quality of my work as well as learning and perfecting rhetoric strategies. I also seek to improve my scientific writing and learn everything possible regarding grant writing. My overall goal is to get a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering and open my own private firm, where I will actively use writing techniques learned in this course and forward, for example, grant proposals.

About This Page

This Website's purpose is to demonstrate my writerly ability. Here, you will find all of my writing assignments from my ASU English 101 course. The site’s audience are those who can access my site. Initially, this includes teachers and students from my ASU English 101 course. Also, those who I share this link with can view my site, such as family or peers. Professors from other organizations, potential colleges I am interested in attending, admissions officers, and future employers would also gain access to my site once I share my link. Because I identify my invoked audience, I tailored my website to such. The site's context supports my learning and grading scales in my ASU course. For example, I learned to correct the colors and photos in the background to reiterate a consistent, easy to read, design.This website utilizes multiple avenues for accessibility. First, if the viewer has a challenge with reading, I added a text-to-sound application to help visually impaired, or illiterate people. I also chose an easy-to-read font, Helvetica. I additionally changed the background to a relaxing theme for people with anxiety.

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